• Chris Muellenbach

Clean Ponds, Naturally.

There is not absolute agreement on what the definition of a pond is. Some say ponds are smaller than 50 hectares, others believe ponds are bodies of water shallow enough for rooted water plants to grow throughout, and some define them as bodies of water which lack wave action on the shoreline.

One thing I think we can all absolutely agree on is that adding chemicals to keep ponds clean is not a great idea.

Opting for the natural route is safe for humans, animals, fish, crops and the environment. It is also a sustainable approach that will leave your pond with no toxic residue in it once the pond is clean and clear. Your pond maintenance costs will go down while your water, and everything in or around it, will become healthier.

All of our MicroChoice® products are available in customizable formulations for your company to private label or combine with other ingredients into your own unique final product. For more information or to download a product information pdf, visit:


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