MicroSynergies ® Lacto-Strong for Increased Shelf-Life and Microbial Stability

A proprietary process technology designed to dramatically increase expected shelf-life and microbial stability...

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The Lacto-Strong™ and the control samples were standardized in anhydrous dextrose at 3.9x109 CFU per gram.


Eight samples of each were stored at ambient temperature and enumerated using MRS agar and incubated at 37°C for 3 days at Day 1, Week 2, and Months 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, and 12.


Further, using the Lacto-Strong™ technology described herein, Lactobacillus acidophilus was also conditioned using proprietary cryoprotectants,  aW control methods, and advanced environmental packaging techniques.


The ‘Control Typical’ was not conditioned for but did use superior environmental packaging techniques while the ‘Control Baseline’ was also not conditioned and was packaged in industry-standard bulk packaging.



The Lacto-Strong™ group remained stable across-and-at the 12-month mark, whereas the controls were unable to achieve similar stability results, dying-off rapidly after only 2 months.


This is likely explained by the MicroChoice® Lacto-Life™ technology of proprietary cryoprotectants,  aW control methods, and advanced environmental packaging techniques.

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MicroSynergies Lacto-Strong and aW Water



The incorporation of processing using the MicroChoice® Lacto-Strong™ technology had a very significant impact on the viability of the organisms.


Because these organisms tend to remain viable for a longer period of time when in refrigerated – or even frozen conditions, the results obtained above at ambient temperatures are in theory even more promising when combined with this third layer of protection.





MicroSynergies’ recommendation is to always store bacterial cultures in a cool place – preferably in freezing conditions – and to make sure the storage area is as dry as possible. In addition, we recommend that all blended cultures (cultures that contain a carrier) be processed using the MicroChoice® Lacto-Strong™ technology process.


[i] Similar and consistent results were also obtained when testing was performed on other organisms in a series of same-setup studies.