MicroSynergies ® Microbials for Aquaculture Applications

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About Microbial Aquaculture Applications

Probiotic bacteria serves as a microbial control agent in aquatic farming settings.

Some of the main benefits of using beneficial bacteria in this setting include:

  • Production of compounds that are inhibitory toward pathogens

  • Enhancement of the immune response of the animal

  • Production of beneficial metabolites

  • Improvement of water quality

  • Positive interaction with phytoplankton

The wide use of antibiotics has resulted in biological and ecological concerns - especially the emergence of antibiotic resistance. In light of these concerns, beneficial microbes are an effective and eco-friendly alternative to antibiotics.

Unlike some disease control alternatives being adapted and proposed in aquaculture, the use of probiotics provides benefits to the host animal and the surrounding environment.

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Bacillus subtilis, lactobacillus casei, enterococcus faecium, lactobacillus plantarum

MicroChoice ® Cultures for Aquaculture Applications

The following organisms are commonly used in aquaculture systems:

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